A pleasant suprise

Rise of tension

But the whole thing has changed with this turbulent weekend. Friday afternoon I was still running the fast set around lunch time. But at 4:00 p.m. an e-mail came dropped in, that I no longer expected. But because of that I suprised in the best way.

Zwift Leindwand Schattenbild

One Mail to change everything (rule them all)

It was this one mail from Zwift, which invited my to produce a short introduction of myself to apply for the Zwift Acadey Tri Team. Super excited and a bit flashed I tried to align everything on Friday evening. It was a super spontanious trip and I am soooo happy that everything worked out. Because the application period was tight. Friday I got the mail and Tuesday at 9 am (somewhere in the US it will be 23.59 monday night then) was the application deadline. Better safe than sorry I have handed in everything already after we finished. I will give you all an heads up as soon as there is more to tell. The one thing I want to share: We have been 6 people working a cummulated amount of 25 hours and we are all super excited with the result.

But lets get back to the mail and what it changed: Until Friday 4pm my season was pretty clear: Race 2 half distance races (Geraadsbergen and Heilbronn), swim a bit in a relay in Roth and then enjoy some off time at music festivals. And then my season was kind of over.

But this email allowed me to search some stuff on the Ironman-Website and click some buttons here and there. In the end something really came around. 

And with that I want to tease you all into coming back. But also a small challenge for me to create some more content again. 
To some of you I shared the news already, all others might take a guess and let me know in the comments or directly on Instagram.

Ride On 😉

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