For those of you who are new to the story, I took part in the academy last year. This ran from October to early January this year. After that I didn’t hear anything for a long time (until the end of March). 

But then in a weekend campaign I was created a trailer about myself and why I am the best fit for the team. The trailer can be found here below.
A phone call with Zwift and the selection of the last 12 people for the academy came the sobering – but at the time the only answer – We are canceling the academy for 2020 as it was supposed to happen.

New Academy Season, Same Motivation for me

So new year, new chance for everyone. Since yesterday evening my focus has been on the orange logo again: 5 bike workouts, a 40km TT on Fuegos Flat, 5 running workouts and a 10km race.
My goal: 100% in every workout and in 8 weeks do the heavy hitters (the v02max ones and the races) again with 102% of the results in the next few days.In theory I started today on Tuesday evening: FTP test. Check the systems once and see what values ​​I can start the workouts with. Result: 5 minutes at 395 watts and 20 minutes at 354 watts. The result of the evaluation by my coach: 344 watts FTP (threshold + anaerobic capacity). That puts me 3% better than before the last academy a year ago.
Tonight with my first set: 6x (1m @ 380 / 2m @ 355). The pulse was there, the legs did well and I was able to slightly increase the sixth interval to 390 and 365. In general, the legs feel good. That’s why I’m going to do Workout 1 in a Group Ride tomorrow morning.

Lets go for the team 2021

And I want you to participate in my way into the Academy Team in 2021. Therefore a small diary.
I hope that I can give you an insight into my training start for the 2021 season. If there is interest in me documenting this in small vlogs, then I will give it a try (because it would certainly be very exciting for the time at the academy).
See you tomorrow, good night
Tom Hohenadl