It was a bit quit here the last couple of days. Still my knee is taking its time to recovery fully. Especially running is not on the level that it was before. On the bike the first long rides have worked out really good already. The more, the easier it is at the moment. 

So I had some creativity time to spare. I used the time for a project I did together with good friends of mine. Take a look for yourself.

Zwift Acadey 2020

I bet you remember the joy and passion of mine, when the Zwift Academy was up for grabs. The project Hawaii was as close as it could get. So. My Ironman was postponed and is scheduled in September. Hawaii should take place in february, theoretically. But will it? Will my race in October take place. I do not know. But I will be ready to race and put i all on the line.

And with the motivation driving me forward I thought about the eopportunity I had. I outlined my idea to my friends and we picked my stuff and put the clip here together:

Let´s do it anway

This whole clip follows the theme “let´s do it anyway”. The 50 seconds follow my introduction clip i posted earlier this year.

The intention is clear: “Hey Zwift, let´s have the academy team for 2020 anyway. Even if the races will take place in September and February.” Clearly I am fully motivated to train hard and get to Kona for this special race. I will work until my knees hurt.  Joke as a side note.
If everything works out it will be a hell of a ride. A really good chance for me to prove what i am capable of.

And with thisecond, small clip: Just do it anyway!

Your Tom

Tom Hohenadl