So a short status update here

Ironman Tallinn is still in the books. 5th of September this year it is. My knee gets better from day to day and my swim got better, cause of the 8 sets in 8 days. Today I did 6×500 of Ironman effort

Overall an amazing day today and a great week, especially cause of the relaunch of run and bike training on Monday. Looking forward to the days until Tallinn.

But what is the idea?

A small, creative idea popped into my mind earlier this week. An idea about my major project of the season: The Zwift academy. I am still super excited about the Team and the chance to work with them. And it really was a shitty message, that the academy for 2020 was cancelled.

But. Here my idea follows up. The Ironman Tallinn seems likely to happen. The World Championship in February also is not so far in the distance. And it seems that there will be no team from Zwift on the start line. Yet. How about a kick-start of the academy team 2020 for the race in 2021. Like a “pioneer application” as we would call it in Germany?

Simple Idea of mine is: Everybody knows my application trailer for the academy 2020. But how about adding a short new trailer explaining I am still up for the challenge. I am still “burning for Kona” and I would love to work with Zwift.

So. Let me see what comes from this idea. I will inform you all as soon as there are news. Just have to find the perfect setting for this little experiment.

Have a great, evening full of ideas, Bye Tom

Tom Hohenadl